What do children want to buy from stores?

Children are not adults. They are attracted by colours and beauty of everything. They want to buy everything which is colourful, small, pretty and attractive. That’s the reason why mothers find it difficult to take them to shopping malls with them. They make them to spend extra money on their small candies and useless things which is of not their age but it is not easy to leave them alone at homes at the age one and two because of their attachment to them otherwise they would cry a lot and this would be not good for their growth. 

However, there are ways to keep your wallet half full with children. Two of them are:

  • The way is that instead of going in shopping malls and super-market to buy things, go at small stores. Unlike them which has ample of thing and light that attract them, small stores have limited amount of products due to which there would be lesser chance of kids might like something. This will keep you from extra spending but then you have to control yourselves too. 
  • Besides this, try to go at night when your kid is sleepy and dozing off because it would be the time period when he or she has less energy to look around and force you to buy them. In this way, you can buy things easily without being disturbed by your naught and mischievous children.  

If your children is little older, then beside using any of them, you need to work on their habits and personal development. You can do many things to build their habit of spending according to the money he or she would have in wallet. You can 

  1. Give them pocket money on weekly basis and ask them that he or she has this money to spend for a week and he would not get a single penny in this week after it. In this way, he will spend carefully and would not able to control himself to walk in school bags shops in Dubai.
  2. Build their habit of saving money. Ask them to save few pennies every week so that he could help himself or herself during rainy days by using money. Buy them piggy bank and make them to put some money in it every week.
  3. Build their habit of work and earn. To teach them the value of money, give them some money if they clean their room or make bed-sheet. In this way, they will be motivated to work and learn the value of those pieces of paper which are not by paper shredder machine supplier in Dubai but by banks.

So, these are few techniques which mothers can use to train their kids.