TAXI in Ljubljana, Slovenia

How to What services you can provide in your taxi business

Do you wish to expand your taxi business as much as to get support of sap partners in uae? If yes, then add few more services. Some of them are:

  1. Food: You can provide a service of delivering food at the desired spot. In this service, you could buy for them the desired food from preferred cafe or place and then dropping it on provided location. Charge them money for food and transportation. This service will assist people the most because not all people know driving and secondly, the schedule of majority of the population is hectic enough to stand from their place to buy something to eat. You can charge them according to weight of food as well. 
  2. Documents and Instruments: This service will give you more clients because at many times people have to send either documents or gift piece to friends or someone else. This service will be used by all from youngsters to adults. You can take things from different houses at a time and deliver it at desired places by riving car in a one go. In this way, you can save your money while making your customers happy. Charge the person after delivering the item according to its weight and transportation.
  3. Bus: If you have plan to expand your taxi business into transportation business, then rent a big car or hi-roof from someone and use it to pick and drop the passenger in reasonable mounts. In this way, you will get more passengers because consumers always look for cheap services. You can even buy a transport and pay him or her few amount of money monthly. In this way, you can buy a seller too. 
  4. Bike: Get a car from any third person and pay him or her every month a few amount. Use this bike to drop people from one place to another spot for cheap. In this way, boys will prefer you more as well like females and adults, especially school going boys and struggling guys of any erp software companies in UAE
  5. Van service: You can turn your car into van by providing service of picking up and dropping school kids to their schools and homes. By providing this service, you can get kids and parents too. The service might be used by employees too so that they can reach their place on time.

So, these are few services which you can add and get maximum number of clients and customers.   For better outreach, you can connect with leading SAP partners in UAE.